Centurion Bible College is not accredited and has no plans to ever seek accreditation.  Our
mission is to provide quality education for Christian leaders, in the most convenient way, for
the lowest possible cost.  Our courses are “to the point” and we include nothing superfluous.

Accreditation is often misunderstood.  In the United States, the government does not accredit
institutions of higher learning.  However, the United States Department of Education recognizes
a number of accrediting agencies.  For accreditation to be widely recognized it must be by one
of these agencies.  The process of accreditation is very expensive.

Some Bible colleges are accredited by agencies not recognized by the Department of
Education.  They may advertise that they are fully accredited, and they may well be.  But if it is
not by an agency recognized by the Department of Education, their accreditation will not be
recognized by most government agencies.  Also, many church denominations will not
recognize that accreditation.  At Centurion Bible College, we believe that type of accreditation
offers no advantage to our students.  We also believe that at times it is used deceptively.   

Centurion Bible College wants our students to understand what they are, and are not getting
when they receive a degree from us.  You are receiving a quality learning experience that will
prepare you well for Christian ministry.  You are receiving a legal degree.  You may find it to
your advantage to display it on your office wall or include it in your resume.  But you should
understand that many denominations, businesses and agencies will not recognize it because it is
not accredited.

If you are able to pursue a degree from an accredited Bible college it may be to your advantage
to do so.  But if you find that option to be too costly or inconvenient we offer an alternative
that might fit your life.
Centurion Bible College
Position on Accreditation