Students may qualify for advanced placement in either of two ways.  First, certain
denominational ministerial study courses are equivalent  to an associates degree and we recognize
that.  Second, pastors with at least five years ministerial experience and sufficient sermon
preparation and delivery experience may take a placement test.

Students qualifying for advanced placement either in recognition of course work completed
outside of Centurion Bible College or through successful placement testing will be eligible to
receive an Associate’s Degree in Ministry.  To receive the associates they must have enrolled in
the bachelors program, paid the first year tuition in full, and have paid for the cost of printing and
mailing the associate’s certificate.  There is no cost for the degree.

Potential students who wish to qualify for advanced placement through testing must pay a non-
refundable $30.00 testing fee and have the test monitored in a method approved by Centurion
Bible College.  A score of 80% or higher is required for advanced placement.  If testing is not
successful another attempt may be made after a 30 day waiting period.  The testing fee must
again be paid.  It will not be the same test that was taken the first time.
Centurion Bible College
Advanced Placement Students