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Our Mission: Forging future leaders for Ministry

Our Vision:  Centurion Bible College (CBC) shall provide exceptional, affordable, and accessible undergraduate through post graduate education to Christians worldwide.


We believe the world is in need of a new generation of ministers. Our teaching and leadership staff has a passion for a revival in the area of Christian education. Well trained ministry leaders are in short supply worldwide. Our mission is to change this in the decades to come. According to Shepherds Global Classroom it is estimated that 85% to 90% of ministers worldwide are untrained or undertrained. CBC provides Christian education to laypeople and future Christian leaders changing this paradigm.


Centurion Bible College was founded in 2014 by Rev. Dr. Brady Stephens. His vision and mission is to train future Christian leaders for ministry worldwide. Believing that most future Ministers will be bi-vocational, Dr. Stephens set the college up to make education available two Saturdays per month on campus in Vienna, WV. As of 2022 CBC has and online curriculum as well. The college is set up so that laypeople can enhance their Christian education, bi-vocational Ministers and Pastors can begin or complete a formal education and those called By God to the full-time work of the ministry may pursue advanced postgraduate education in ministry including master’s and doctorate level education.


The curriculum is provided by Shepherds Global Classroom (SGC). SGC was founded to equip underserved Christian leaders all around the world by providing a comprehensive curriculum for grassroots theological training. Each course taught at CBC will utilize SBC curriculum. There will also be courses offered in discipleship and ministry going through each book of the Bible which may be credited toward an associate degree. CBC also offers an education track for Church Security and Safety.

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